Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lesser Known Books

     I currently read a couple lesser known books. One called Of Poseidon (by Anna Banks), The other being the first two books in Brigid Kemmerer's Elemental series: Storm (the first), Spark (#2). The Elemental series focuses on four brothers who can control the four elements, Micheal can control Earth, Twins Nick(Air) and Gabriel(Fire) and Chris(Water) Merrick.

Storm focuses mainly on Chris and a girl named Becca, both juniors in high school. While leaving school one evening Becca sees a couple guys beating up Chris and intervenes, causing him to begin to fall for her. But Becca, having had a horrible experience with another guy over the summer, is reluctant to get close to him. Enter Hunter, a new guy at school, he's sweet and mysterious; Becca lets herself get close to him, so there's the love triangle. Usually, I hate love triangles, they are often a bit of a gimmick used to force a story, but this one kinda worked. The story was less about a love triangle and more about Becca discovering what the Merrick brothers can do and help them escape another elemental that wants to kill them. There's a little more to the story, but I don't want to spoil it for those that want to read the books.
I really freaking love Storm. I'm not really sure why but I love that book. I actually have read it a few times in the past couple days. It's a really quick read I finished it in a couple hours, but it's an all around great story. When she has the male characters speak, they actually sound the way guys in that age bracket sound when talking. There's a lot of "F-Bombs". But if we're gonna be honest angry teen-aged boys talk like that. Often, when a female author is writing male characters, they don't really come off as sounding 100% male. But as a woman myself, and I can say that when I have written male characters in stories that I've written, it is rather hard to give a fully male voice to those characters.

Spark focuses mainly on Gabriel, and him meeting a girl named Layne. Layne is a sophomore, Gabriel is a senior. Their love story is far less interesting and realistic to me than Chris and Becca's story. In this story, Gabriel, the hot head of the family, gets blamed for the string of arson cases in the town. But he's not starting them he's putting them out, with a little help from Hunter. I have a little less to say about this book than the first one. It's not a bad book, it's just not as interesting to me as the first. I think it has to do with me just really loving the characters Chris and Becca.


Of Poseidon "Is about Emma,  a girl from Jersey with white blonde hair, porcelain skin and violet eyes. While on vacation in Florida with a friend Emma meets Galen, tall dark and sexy and a Syrena (merpeople). While Emma and her friend, Chloe, are paddling out into the ocean disaster strikes.
Back in jersey with school starting she sees Galen again in her class. Galen is convinced that Emma is one of them and has followed her to convince himself and her of what she can do." (what Goodreads says the book is about)
It was a good book, told from both Emma and Galen's P.O.V. but the problem I have with that is, when told from Emma's perspective it's written in first-person, and when told from Galen's, it's told in third-person. And while I liked the concept of the story, I don't really think I'll be reading its sequel, there were too many plot holes and cliche circumstances. The book just wasn't really for me.

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